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Face-App Pro is the name of the software available on iOS and Android devices that uses neural networks to edit photos. Compared to a large number of competitors dedicated to the photo retouch, face-app does everything by itself. This is the most essential point that you should look on. Rather than proposing tools to improve the features, you put on the plate re-elaborations that show the subject as it would be as a child, as a senior and if it were of the opposite gender.

Face-App Pro Cracked Apk Android Uses

Features of face-app pro apk

It can be explained better that once you have chosen a photo, Face-App proposes filters. It can be explained through emojis also that of the baby, which rejuvenates the image, that of the flame which improves the appearance, that of the boy or girl to choose if you want to see what the face would have if the user was born male or female. It works even on those of others, as long as the face is identifiable.

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Forget the usual photo editing apps, even those that overflow with filters of all kinds. Face-App does only four things and does it great. It adds a smile where it is missing, transforms a face from young to old in the blink of an eye, gives an elixir of beauty and changes gender – from woman to man and vice versa. Face-App is a brand new application, available right now for iOS. The application currently offers only six filters such as smile, beauty, young, old, male and female.

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