Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Apk + MOD Free Download

Overcome it with Bennett Foddy Apk Mod is a punishment climbing game. You move the hammer with the mouse, and that’s all there is to it. With practice, you can climb a huge mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.

Getting Over It Gameplay

Features of Getting over it game

Getting over it is a hardcore android game where you control a hero who sits in a pot. In this game you will take control of the main character and your task will be to lead him through all the trials and overcome the maximum part of the game. All you have to overcome obstacles is a hammer, with which you will climb trees, climb boulders and high mountains. If you make at least one wrong move, you will have to pass the level again. Train your dexterity and nerves and achieve outstanding results. It is an unusual project with an increased level of complexity, in which the player will have to help the main character climb to the top of the mountain in the shortest possible time.

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Getting Over is a hardcore arcade game created based on an old game. The protagonist is a quaint person, waist-deep immersed in a pot with a hammer in his hands. Your goal is to help him get to the top of the mountain, using only a hammer. The problem is that it will be impossible to do this and it will take nerves of steel to withstand anger and frustration from numerous fiascos.

Getting Over It apk free download latest

Android Requirements

  • All Android and Amazon Kindle devices with Android 5.0 and up
  • Size : 66 MB
  • Version: Latest

Getting Over It APK Download Free


How to Install?

  1. Click on “Install Getting Over It MOD APK Free Download” button.
  2. Install “Getting Over It MOD APK” It is completely online. So no chances of a virus.
  3. Open the Installer, Agree to TOS and Install the complete MOD APK
  4. Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  5. Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Resources.

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