Full Gameplay and Stunning Methods to Smash the Victory in Strike Cars

Gaming is part of our day to day life, and most of the people are active in different kinds of games. Action Portal has introduced the Strike Cars video game on 6 September 2018. The game is especially for the Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating system. Millions of online players are connected with it so we can also enjoy it by Steam store. Anyone can easily buy the game with some amount of real money, and it required an internet connection for playing.


The game is all about the car battle tournaments and in which you have to equip your car with some powerful weapons. The players can start it anytime in the battles, and the game is open for the whole world so you can also connect with multiple players. Defeat more enemies in the battles, and we can add new things and guns for customizing the cars. You will also enjoy the stunning visual graphics and various sound effects in it. These things are giving us a realistic playing experience and maximize gaming time.

Four ultimate tricks to smash the rivals

Every single player radical for success in the game but it is not an overnight task. For that, we need to struggle for many things and compete in different challenges. New players no ideas about the playing in the beginning and for helping them, we are showing some finest tricks to play in the game.

Perfect in controlling

Some of the players, not concern for the controlling part and further they face some kinds of problems. You have to learn navigation tools. By that, we can easily drive cars and make your own way of finding the right targets. The players can also change some default settings for mastering in the controls.

Select the best combat cars

In the game, various kinds of cars and new cars are updated. The individual can also choose his desired cars, and there are lots of combats going, so you can use the cars for it. The users can also enhance the powers of the engine and ready them for tournaments.

Equip with armors and weapons

Weapons and armors are special tools for designing cars, and we can spend much time on it. Some powerful guns and missile systems are located in cars roof.  Build your car with high stable iron for protecting the shootings of rivals. Upgrade your vehicles for special war combats.

Damage by shooting

Lots of ways are damaging the rivals’ cars, and some of the players are going with crushing. You need to use the shooting, but for that, you have to be skilled in moving quickly because your enemies are also shooting back.

Importance of currency

Without the right amount of coins, we cannot lead on the game, and the gamers have to obtain a large number of coins. We can purchase new guns and powerful accessories for increasing the performance of our cars in tournaments.

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